Quality Policy


Goldenline holds substantial production experience, technological equipment, extensive knowledge, and a skilled and qualified workforce. Our quality policy comprises fourteen key points: 

  1. To fully meet the needs and expectations of our customers at all stages of our business.
  2. To meet the needs and expectations of our customers with products and services of universal quality and standards within the framework of the goals and principles established by the GOLDENLINE Board of Directors.
  3. To be a symbol of reliability, sustainability and respectability for our country, customers, partners and supplier industry.
  4. To comprehensively evaluate our business processes and to always strive to improve our performance.
  5. Always aim to be and offer the best.
  6. To employ our innovative perspective to increase the efficiency of all our processes to an internationally competitive level.
  7. To provide the most efficient teamwork environment so that our competent employees can wield their skills to the highest level to further enhance our quality.
  8. To strengthen the Turkish economy, the source of our strength, by prioritizing superior business and work ethics in human resources, our most important capital.
  9. To create awareness of occupational safety, environment and quality in all our employees.
  10. To be in trust-based cooperation with our customers and suppliers. 
  11. To improve the sustainability of our achievements within the framework of our quality policy. 
  12. To continuously enhance our quality and our achievements. 
  13. To ensure that our employees consider increasing our brand awareness as their common and primary goal. 
  14. To run our quality management system in accordance with the Responsible Jewellery Council No. 000 1049 standards, which we were awarded through the transparent assessment of such key points as ethics, human rights, social and environmental factors.